magnifying glass imageSeeing the World at Large through magnifying glasses!

A magnifying glass is a piece of glass that is curved slightly to form a convex lens. The magnifying glass is not projecting an image onto anything; it is merely bending the light rays from the object so that the object will appear larger. Most are double-convex lenses and are used to make objects appear bigger than they actually are. When the lens is placed close to the object to be viewed, the light rays are bent toward the center of the lens. When these bent rays reach the onlookers eye they make the object appear much larger than it actually is.

how it works

Typical magnifying glasses will increase the perception of an object by 2x to 3x their size, but powerful magnifiers also exist and can magnify 10x,20x,30x and even 50x the size of the original object. Multi focus magnifying glasses have also been developed with the ability to change the scope of magnification.


The earliest mention of a magnifying device formed of a convex lens is recorded in the works of scientist Alhazen in 1021. It was during the thirteenth century that the first magnifier was constructed for scientific purposes by the english philosopher Roger Bacon (1220-1292) .

This basic invention went on to inspire many other inventions, including the microscope, which revolutionised many fields of science.

How are magnifying glasses used in everyday life?

In everyday usage magnifying glasses are used to look at tiny objects or fine print. They come in different shapes and sizes, and different optical strengths, but typically are mounted onto a round frame with a handle (looking like a lollipop).

Some are also sometimes mounted onto headsets or attached to eyeglasses. They are often used in various ways within the workplace to help people see details that otherwise would be impossible.

Magnifiers are used in the fields of medicine, computer technology, biology, physics and astronomy, as well as many other fields of science. They are a great aid to helping us understand the amazing details of the created world that surrounds us.
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